Jamie Tran - Project Coordinator

jamie tran, program coordinator

the park ranger.

A recent college grad and professional organizer.

Non-profit organizations have always been a passion of mine, along with providing help for others. With the lack of financial education that exists in our school system, Your Financial Journey holds a very special place in my heart. As an Entrepreneurship Marketing and Management graduate from the University of South Florida, I am excited to see the lasting impact that our project leaves, as well as the future of our students.

On my days off from patrolling the park, I always seek to embark on new and fun adventures, such as:

  • Eating two spiders in Cambodia (I have pictures as proof, trust me)
  • Adventuring in alternate realities, entering post-apocalyptic worlds and fighting cordyceps, like in my favorite video game, The Last of Us
  • Looking for alligators as I kayak in Lettuce Lake Park (once in a while I wrestle them)
  • Getting calluses on my fingers from playing guitar (ironically, I’m horrible at Guitar Hero)