Financial Beginnings Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS), powered by Financial Beginnings, features interactive lessons targeting teens and adults alike. As an explorer, you have access to this free interactive tool that guides learners through concepts such as spending, budgeting, credit, investing, identify theft, banking, insurance, and more.

Gain the financial knowledge you need through our self-guided e-learning, and take control of your financial future today!

How it works:

1: No Cost Sign-up
YFJ Members can enroll in all available courses at no cost. Courses include spending, budgeting, credit, investing, insurance, identity theft, and banking.

2: Self-Paced
Lessons can be completed at a pace that fits your style and speed.

3: Earn Badges
Earn digital awards after successfully completing each course.

4: One Year Access
Accounts remain available for a full year after being established.

5: Learner Dashboard
Track your progress to see what modules you have completed.

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