Expect the Unexpected:

Managing the Unexpected - 1

The only thing about life you can predict is that life is unpredictable. Keep in mind that you will encounter both windfalls and downfalls and it’s important to be prepared for both.

Managing the Unexpected - 2

When you suddenly come into some money, also known as a windfall, it may be tempting to spend it all and not put it towards your savings or goals. This money may come from a relative during the holidays, or maybe an inheritance or a salary bonus. Maybe you won the lottery. Regardless, it’s important to have a plan in place on how you’ll handle these windfalls before one comes along.

Here’s one way you can manage a windfall:

Amount Received Unexpectedly
Percentage Towards Your Goals (as a decimal)
$ Amount Towards Future Goals

Managing the Unexpected - 3

So now that you know about windfalls, it’s time to learn about downfalls. These are unexpected expenses or decreases in income that come suddenly and without warning. This could be a medical emergency, or a speeding ticket, or perhaps you got fired. Whatever it is, it’s always best to have an emergency fund ready to help weather the unexpected.

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